1.        Where will lectures be held?

At Collective premise.

2.        What are other commitments besides attending lectures?

  • You are required to attend weekend church services. In the event that your home church is in Klang Valley, you will need to attend one of Collective services and your home church’s service.

  • You are required to fulfil a 4-hour ministry commitment—two hours at Collective and two hours practicum in another church.

  • You are required to go for one mission trip. Cost will be borne by students.

  • You are required to do practicum with Collective from 2pm-5:30pm on lecture days.



3.       What if I am holding a full-time job?

You will need to make your own arrangement with your company to allow you to study full-time from 9:00am to 1:00pm for day lectures and 7:00pm to 10:30pm for night lectures, if required. You are fully responsible to be punctual for every lecture.


4.        Is food and accommodation provided?

No. However, we can assist in finding accommodation for students and we will have special concession from the church refectory for students.


5.        What is the mode of payment for fees?

All contributions can be made payable via cash or check written to COLLECTIVE. We accept payment by instalment, with applicants filling up the instalment application form.



6.        Do I need to buy any textbook or learning materials?

Only as required by specific courses.


7.        What are the requirements for attendance?

Attendance is expected for all lectures. Absence due to emergency situations must be supported by medical certificate or otherwise must be applied, subject to approval by the Academic Dean.

8.       What are the admission requirements?

Certificate/Diploma: SPM/GCE O-Level with minimum C (below Grade 6) in English

Bachelor: STPM/GCE A-Level or equivalent

Master: Certified Bachelor Degree in any discipline


As this program is offered in English, a good command of English language is expected. Students who wish to enhance their English writing and comprehending skills are encouraged to undergo any English intensive course on own initiative prior to the opening of the academic term.